B Refibre

Beta Refibre

More strength to your hair

Stressed, brittle, dull, lifeless or damaged: when our hair is not at its best in terms of shine, it needs a shock reconstructive action that reaches the core of its fibres. Beta refibre. The treatment to deeply reconstruct hair fibres down to the core of their structure.

What does our hair structure need?

Our hair needs amino acids. By studying the amino acids that form keratin, Medavita has created its AMINO CONCENTRATE. This is a complex of three pure and very low molecular weight amino acids – Serine, Threonine and Carbocysteine – able to reach the deepest layer of hair fibres.

Active principles

The heart of the line

The ritual

Find out how to make the most of Medavita’s Beta Refibre range when using it at home

Beta Refibre Home

Beta Refibre Professional

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