Dry, parched or sensitised, it regains it daily nourishment. Hair that is on a good diet immediately stands out.

If we are what we eat, our hair reflects how we nourish it. Hair that is on a good diet immediately stands out. Nutrisubstance provides deep nourishment, hydrates and protects hair from the action of free radicals. It removes the signs left by chemical and mechanical stress, leaving hair looking healthy and glossy. Dry, parched or sensitised, hair receives its daily intake of nutrients.

The Nutrisubstance solution

Hydrate and deeply nourish the parched hair fibres. For a long-lasing conditioning action. Nutrisubstance is the hydrating and nourishing treatment designed by Medavita Laboratories to deeply penetrate into hair fibres and restore the typical gloss and strength of vital fibres to dull and dry hair.

Active principles

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