Choice, a real beauty treatment for your hair. Choice is care. It’s well-being. It’s beauty.

Choice Glowing Shampoo and Glowing Mask are the solution for any woman who wants to ensure their hair stays bright and shiny, and protect it by restoring its natural barrier and limiting dehydration. Two special formulas for the natural beauty of your hair: Glowing Shampoo, the specific treatment for balanced cleansing, and Glowing Mask, which enhances natural or cosmetic colours, making hair shiny and radiant, with multi-faceted tones.

Discover the beauty ritual for your hair.

The Glowing Shampoo is ideal for all skin types. Thanks to its hypoallergenic and easily tolerable formula based on blueberry, coconut and black cumin, it hydrates and nourishes hair without causing irritation. Choice Color mask, which enhances shine and nourishes hair in a single step. Ideal as a daily beauty treatment after shampooing.

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