24-hr nourishment for dream results!

Hectic lifestyles, pollution, smog, sun damage, poor diets, misuse of hair dryers and straighteners: all of these factors leave our hair dull and dry.
Everyone, including men and women of all ages, will experience dry hair at least once in their lives.
Medavita’s laboratories have a solution.

The Nutrisubstance solution

Nutrisubstance is our historic range dedicated to deeply nourishing the hair, for a beauty, hydrating, and regeneration routine that lasts from day to night.

Nutrisubstance products restore shine, strength, and volume to the hair, for dream results.

Enjoy soft, manageable, and silky hair: always.


Did you know that night-time is the perfect opportunity to take care of your hair?
That’s why Medavita has transformed the hours you spend asleep into a key beauty moment, in which you can make the most of your daily routine.
Our rich and lightweight 8-Hour Rescue Treatment, Nutrisubstance’s nourishing cream, nurtures the hair in just 8 hours.
It acts overnight to restore the hair’s moisture balance, which becomes altered throughout the day, and delivers nourishment for soft, shiny, and silky hair in the morning.

Active principles

The heart of the line

The ritual

Discover the haircare routine that never sleeps.

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