Cutis Pura

Cutis Pura

It feels as it the cells of the scalp started breathing again. All at once.

Preparing the scalp. Before intervening with the treatments, you need to remove anything that may hinder the flow of active ingredients. Cutis Pura is a detoxifying* pre-shampoo programme that uses the energy of Japanese star anise to purify the scalp by removing accumulated cells and sebum plugs. The scalp starts breathing.

*Test clinico

Scalp&face exfoliating clay scrub

It acts as a powerful and gentle exfoliant with a chemical and physical action. With Red clay, which is rich in trivalent iron, as well as having all the beneficial effects of clay, it improves skin elasticity and microcirculation. This feature makes it suitable for application on the face, leaving skin smooth and with an even complexion, already after the first application.

Active principles

The heart of the line

The ritual

Find out how to make the most of Medavita’s Cutis Pura range when using it at home

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