A mix that relieves irritation and soothes inflammation. Sensitivity under control.

Excessive sensitivity is a feature that one must learn to keep under control. Velour is a calming and soothing programme* formulated to restore the scalp’s balance and relieve irritation and redness. The soothing and revitalising properties of the plant-based active ingredients that make up the formulas make it a specific resource for scalp irritation and sensitivity.

*Test clinico

The Velour solution

Thanks to the soothing, protective and rebalancing properties of the range of plant-based active ingredients that make up the formula
(Lavender, Chamomile, Calendula, Achillea, Linden, Elderberry), Velour is able to significantly reduce: redness, flaking, itching and irritation.
In addition, the action of ß-Glucan, Biotin and Panthenol repairs the skin tissues, enhances elasticity and fights free radicals, while Zanthalene provides targeted action to soothe itching, discomfort and tension affecting the scalp.

Active principles

The heart of the line

The ritual

Find out how to make the most of Medavita’s Velour range when using it at home

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