As girls and young women are well aware, one of the most important aspects of taking care of yourself is to love yourself. We all know, for example, that it is important to start caring for your skin even when you are young, using a skincare routine that suits your skin type.

However, we often tend to think that we only need to protect and treat our facial skin with the right products after we've reached a certain age. Luckily, this belief has been overcome, and we are increasingly understanding that even youthful skin needs certain specific kinds of care.

If you are part of the cohort of younger women who have begun taking greater care of their beauty, this article is for you. We all know that skin begins to age after around 30, as does our hair. And we can also all agree that prevention is better than cure.

Although we can't stop time, research in the world of cosmetics continues to make progress. It shows that taking care of yourself while you are still young, using the right products for your needs, can reduce the signs of aging later on.

So don't panic. With the right tips and tricks, you can maintain fresh, bouncy skin for longer. It's just a matter of finding the right products and creating a routine that works for you.

By routine, I mean the steps you take every day to take care of your skin, as well as following the healthiest possible lifestyle and avoiding sources of free radicals, those notorious molecules that damage our cells and our beauty. Luckily, many of the face products you've started using likely contain active ingredients with antioxidant properties, which neutralise this very threat.

Now that the concept of establishing a skincare routine while you're still young is widely accepted, and that we all know it's best to begin using anti-aging creams well before wrinkles start to appear, that sunscreen should be used all year long, and that two fingers’ worth is the correct amount for your face, it's time to address the next question:

What about your scalp and hair?

Let's dive in. Although there is a lot of knowledge in this area, we don't often hear the facts from experts.

First of all, remember that your hair undergoes a lifecycle composed of several phases: hair grows for about five years, then the growth phase stops for about two weeks, followed by the shedding phase, which lasts around three months. The cycle then begins again with a new growth phase, and so on. Overall, you’ll go through this cycle around 10 times over the course of your lifetime. Over time, however, your hair also changes. For example, it will start to thin and grow more sparsely by around 35.

Now that we know this, what are the visible signs of hair aging?

Aging hair is fragile, brittle, dry (especially at the ends), as well as dull, thin, and... white, but that's another story.

These signs may not only appear because of aging, but also in cases of poor nutrition or unhealthy lifestyles, psychological or physical stress, and the use of pharmaceutical products that interfere with the hair's natural lifecycle. External factors such as smog, aggressive medical treatments, excessive heat from styling products (hair dryers or straighteners), UV rays, and mechanical stress can also impact the hair's health. In particular, stress at any age can damage the hair follicles. This can lead to hair loss or thinning, all of which is caused, as always, by the notorious free radicals we find everywhere in our environment.  You must be thinking: “That's all very interesting, but how can I avoid premature hair aging and slow down physiological changes?” (Or at least, that's what I would ask!)


First of all, start by paying the utmost attention to your everyday habits: how you treat and take care of your hair, from washing to drying and the products you use, as well as reducing factors that can lead to the production of free radicals or trigger oxidative stress.

Next, my honest advice is to recommend Lotion Concentrée, a natural concentrate that restores life to your hair.


Just like you can no longer do without your favourite anti-wrinkle cream, eye serum, anti-pollution mask, or toner to counteract the first signs of skin aging starting at 25, your hair and scalp routine should be equally pro-active.

And yes, there are haircare products you can use to build your own, personalised hair routine while you're young: because just like your approach to skincare, you can prevent the signs of aging for hair and scalp by taking action now.

For example, anti-hair loss treatments, which sound scary, shouldn't be something you only reach for once the problem arises, or once you start to notice the first signs of aging, such as thinning or sparse growth. It might already be too late. Instead, take note from the old saying: “prevention is better than cure”.

We live in an era in which physical, psychological, and environmental stress are increasingly part of our lives, impacting our body and our hair. That is why it is key to begin counteracting it while you are still young, and your cells are still active and vibrant.

Earlier, I mentioned Lotion Concentrée, a game-changing hair product by Medavita.

Lotion Concentrée supports your hair's health and beauty, meaning its fullness, strength, and density. Each vial contains a formula based on truly natural plant extracts: as in, straight from nature. Try it for yourself!

As a trichologist and hair expert with a deep understanding of how to maintain healthy hair over time, I can tell you that Lotion Concentrée should be a fundamental part of your hair care routine, especially when it comes to a healthy scalp. After all, healthy, strong, and beautiful hair can only grow from a healthy scalp.

In fact, this product's valuable, powerful active ingredients regulate the hair's growth phase, introducing important antioxidants (here they are again, the elements that combat free radicals) to the hair follicles.

It also defends the scalp from external factors that can damage it, keeping it healthy and stimulating microcirculation. You can increase its effectiveness with a gentle scalp massage, to help the product deliver nutrients to the follicles. Facial massage tools are all the rage now, and they have become a must-have in skincare routines. It stands to reason that a good scalp massage is just as important!

To sum up: now that you know the facts, make sure to follow this advice to preserve your beautiful, youthful hair for longer.